For decades THC was the rockstar of the cannabis plant. Farmers began growing for the highest THC content. The most common question at dispensaries has been “what strain has the highest levels of THC?”


It’s only been in the past few years that the medical wonders of

CBD or cannabidiol, have become more widely known and sought out.

CBD allows people to get the medical benefits of cannabis without experiencing the high that some find euphoric but others find uncomfortable. CBD is non-psychoactive, THC is psychoactive. CBD won’t get you high. THC will get you high. That’s the difference.

CBD has been a miraculous alternative to help manage pain, anxiety, and inflammation. Many people have found it can help clear their head and focus. Some evidence points toward CBD helping with the following conditions in addition to the ones listed above:

CBD can be found in flower form, tinctures, edibles, drinkables and even concentrates. Check out our menu to see what CBD products we have available. We love hearing from our patients. If you have a CBD product you would like us to carry please let our friendly sales reps know the next time you place your order.




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