THCA is the short name for tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, and in simple terms is raw, live cannabis. THCA is non-psychoactive.


THCA is converted to the psychoactive THC when it is exposed to heat. This process is scientifically known as decarboxylation and unscientifically known as heating up your weed, simple as that.

There hasn’t been much research on THCA because cannabis remains to be a federally illegal drug, so most of the evidence of it’smedicinal properties are anecdotal. However, the anecdotal evidence is compelling. Patients using THCA say it’s anti-inflammatory properties can help with lupus and arthritis symptoms, that it can elevate nausea and help increase appetite for those struggling to eat and has the potential to be a neuroprotectant. While THC can also assist in all those ailments, not everyone can tolerate the high associated with THC, so THCA which will not get a person high can help deliver the medical benefits of cannabis without the high that some find uncomfortable.

People are ingesting the raw cannabis by putting it in smoothies or juicing it. Remember, it is the application of heat that converts THCA into THC which will get you high so keeping it raw will keep it non-psychoactive.

The best way to get THCA is if you grow your own cannabis or know someone who grows and can use the plant directly. Some companies are starting to produce THCA products for retail sale.

The medicinal qualities of cannabis have been known for thousands of years but we continue to find new processes to utilize this miraculous plant.

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