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TOP 20 CALIFORNIA MARIJUANA STORIES FOR 2020 1. MORE Act Passes House with California Support In a historic moment, the US House of Representatives voted for the first time ever to end federal marijuana prohibition via the MORE Act, a bill co-sponsored by 22 California congresspersons. Also, an appropriation package approved by Congress repeals the longstanding federal ban on providing student aid eligibility to those with certain drug convictions. 2. Cannabis Businesses Deemed “Essential” in California During COVID-19 Orders 3. California Cities and Counties Vote to Open Cannabis Businesses 4. West Hollywood and San Francisco Exempt Cannabis from Apartment Smoking Bans 5. Berkeley Votes to Expand Cannabis Licensing, Allow Vape Lounges 6. Racial Arrest Disparities Increase as Marijuana Arrests Decline in California 7. CA DPH Misrepresents Cannabis Smoke & Vape Hazards Using Anti-Tobacco Funds 8. Clearing of Past Marijuana Crimes Moves Forward Across California 9. CA Senator Kamala Harris Named Vice President 10. CA Cannabis Stores Hit with Robberies, Closures and Curfews 11. Californians Facing Deportation Granted Clemency—Mostly For Cannabis And Drug Convictions 12. El Dorado County Protects Medical Cannabis Cultivation Rights for 2020 13. California Bureau of Cannabis Control Asks for More Policing Power 14. Gov. Newsom Signs Order Extending Cannabis ID Card Tax Breaks 15. Cannabis Not Culpable in Los Angeles Fire 16. Cal NORML Releases White Paper on Vaping 17. California agency recommends major overhaul to state’s marijuana taxes 18. CA Cannabis Czarina Lori Ajax Resigns 19. New CA Senator Alex Padilla Appeared in PSA with Cheech Marin 20. SF Mayor London Breed Suggests “Netflix and Chill” for 4/20/20YOU CAN SUPPORT CAL NORML’S EFFORTS GOING FORWARD IN 2021 Now is the time to build on the momentum of these victories and push for further reforms in 2021. At the state level, Cal NORML will be prioritizing a bill to protect the employment rights of cannabis consumers and supporting lowering taxes on marijuana. And we will continue to support local efforts towards greater, more meaningful access to cannabis, including opening consumption rooms. Take advantage of our 2021 membership specials: Join Cal NORML today or Make A Donation. As a special offer, 2021 members will receive a vintage gold “California NORML” lapel pin (pictured) to celebrate NORML’s 50th anniversary. Read more about our mission and Our 2020 Accomplishments & Plans for 2021Check on your membership status.

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