14 years and counting

Promoting Health

Providing Quality

TRUE HEALING COLLECTIVE is a CA business established by a group of local Bay Area Cannabis Advocates in 2010. Our focuses are to promote health & wellness, help the growing community by providing quality products, and bringing together brands we all trust & love with customer service that’s TOP-SHELF. As cannabis becomes more accepted by the general public, we strive to progress the movement by promoting interdependence between cannabis entrepreneurs AND providing an outlet for established & emerging cannabis brands.
Our greatest joy is offering personalized, top-notch service in everything we do. We are also deeply engaged with our community and partners with several nonprofits to donate a portion of our profits as well as provide medicine to those in need. True Healing Collective is not just a brand that helps but also a brand that cares!

From The Heart

For the Community

The True Healing family takes pride in providing our community with service you can trust. Our patient outreach representatives are courteous, discrete, professional and safe. Because True Healing comes from the heart. For the community.